Crest Children's Sanctuary - Our Story

With an emphasis on the importance of family and the nurturing of future generations, a family business came together to create CREST in 2014. The CREST team, who are experts in building quality modern family homes, recognised that there is a need to build beautiful contemporary spaces to educate and care for children and families.


CREST sees the numerous benefits for the community, families and children in building beautiful sanctuaries where children are nurtured and cared for in an environment that fosters a love of learning and the outdoors features in all aspects of the curriculum. 


The building of our beautiful childcare centres in Dandenong and Rowville inspired the CREST Directors to develop our values and vision where children are the focus and the connection with nature is inherent in all that we do.


The foundation and the success of CREST will be determined through our educators and staff who we see as our greatest asset.  Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable, caring educators will design curriculums for your child that will inspire curiosity and a love of learning.


1 Taylors Lane ROWVILLE  3178

Tel: 9755 5558 


Hours of Operation:

Mon -Fri

6.30am - 6.30pm